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December 13, 2016 Tom Frost

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Have you heard of us?
We want wedding photographers to join us for our soft launch this winter.

It’s time to get more from your weddings.

We provide FREE powerful advertising!
To help you make the most of every wedding!
You can make every guest from every wedding one of your sales team!

Wedprint Pro is a solution for easy printing for newlyweds and great free marketing for photographers. 

Wedprint Pro has been designed by wedding photographers for wedding photographers. Wedding photographers that became frustrated with seeing their images on thank you cards that were poorly printed on thin card and with no reference to the original photographer.

Wedprint Pro prints wedding thank you cards that include full contact details of the wedding photographer on the back of every card!

Do you have a wedding in December? 

We have just launched and know that we will still have work to do to make this the best that it can be so we are looking for some volunteers.

We are offering the first 10 photographers that contact us a special bonus rate. Not only do you gain free advertising but you will also receive a fee for every wedding that purchases cards from us.