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Increased Enquiries

Increase your inquiries with the use of real recommendations.

Financial Rewards

Increase your turnover for every wedding. You will receive rewards for every wedding that we print, and the longer you are with us the more you will earn.

Increased Package

Add our service to your packages. At no extra cost to you, Wedprint Pro could be added to your package. You will be offering something different and stand out more.


We want to shout about the great work that we see. We will be blogging and creating links for all our photographers. Become an ambassador and you will have a profile page.


We love our photography and we will always display it the way it should be displayed. We guarantee that your work will look the best that it can.

How does it work?

Our Story

Having worked in the wedding industry for over eight years we know the value of recommendations. They have the highest conversion rate transforming enquiries into bookings and generally cost nothing. In this saturated industry, we know the value of marketing and recommendations are the best way for any wedding photographer to grow their business. We realised that guests were a potential part of our referral marketing. We realised that they were an untapped resource. We introduced thank you cards into our packages which had our logo and contact details on the back. What happened next? We saw a huge increase in recommendations and referrals. Wedprint Pro was born, well it was conceived. It was trailed with many of our own weddings testing the idea and now it’s ready for other photographers to join, earn a little extra and gain more business.

We were also sick of the poor quality and poor design of the thank you cards out there today that will represent the modern photographer. We want quality photographers to prosper. We deliver high-quality cards with a slick service and with a modern design. We only print on the thickest card for the job and only use the best inks. We believe in getting the quality right and the rest will follow.

Some Details

We believe that the photographer deserves more. At no cost, the photographer will have all their logo and contact details on the reverse of the card from each wedding that they submit. Free advertising flying out to every guest from that wedding that you shot! They will recommend you and will have all the info to successfully pass your details on. You only need to spend 10 minutes setting it up and that is it!

The Future

We promise to take you with us into the future. We want to grow and we want the benefit of this to not just help us but to also help our photographers. Become an ambassador and gain some powerful backlinks from our site to yours. In the future, we plan to host a lot of competitions and conferences that we would love all photographers to join. Join us now and let’s show the world your skills.

What next?


If you have any questions just send us a message.

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