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Delivery & Returns

Delivery Returns

Our 14 day Money-back Guarantee:

Get a full reprint or 100% money-back if you are not happy with your order

If you are not happy with the quality of the product you purchased, and this is due to factors under our control, we will replace or refund your purchase fully. For factors that we don’t control, such as incorrect texts or misspellings, we will strive to find a solution. Contact us at [email protected] within 14 days of delivery.

Order and Shipment

Time for Production

We will endeavour to process your Order and manufacture your Products within three (3) business days. However, we cannot fully predict or guarantee the time required to process your Order. You acknowledge and agree that Wedprint Pro is not obligated to process your Order or manufacture your Products within any specific time limitation and is not responsible or liable for the length of time necessary to process your Order or manufacture your Products.

Delivered Product

Products supplied may differ from the view of the Product shown at the Site, in terms of the sharpness, brightness, or identity of colours, as a consequence of multi-standard colour systems, notably the international screen-based colour system of RGB and the print colour system of CMYK.

We endeavour to display and describe as accurately as possible the printed colours of our products that appear on the website. However, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will accurately reflect the colour of the product delivered.

Shipment and Delivery

Wedprint Pro has the sole right to choose the carrier that will deliver your Products. Upon completion of printing, all sets of printed Products ordered will be sent by regular post unless otherwise stated by Wedprint Pro. Your order will be deemed delivered and title and risk of loss transfer to you upon our delivery of your order to any common carrier. We do not take any responsibility for and shall not have any liability whatsoever for (i) any Products once delivered to a common carrier, and/or (ii) any acts or omissions, including any distribution, relating to Products once delivered to a common carrier.

We will endeavour to deliver your Order in accordance with the estimated delivery time stated for the delivery option chosen by you in the check-out page. Notwithstanding the above, we are dependent on the carrier chosen to perform the delivery and if they encounter any problems to meet the delivery time we will work together with them trying to solve the situation. We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you through any reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery.

We cannot guarantee that printed Products ordered will be shipped jointly. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to endeavour to minimize delivery costs borne by you. 

Wedprint Pro has no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the shipping address, email address or other electronic communication address provided by you. You are solely responsible for ensuring such information is accurate and current.

Return Policy

In general an Order that is placed cannot be changed or cancelled. If possible, the limitations and restrictions related to changes and/or cancellations of your Order are specified at the Site and/or in the order confirmation received.

If we deliver incorrect or damaged physical Products, or in the event that you discover any defect in the Products or if you are not satisfied with the quality of the Product delivered (our “Quality Guarantee”) and you require compensation or other remedy, you must report the defect within 14 days of the date you receive the Products, by contacting us at [email protected]. You may be asked to and are if so requested to provide photographic or other documentary evidence of the existence of a defective, damaged or incorrect Product or the quality issue for which you are not satisfied with the Product.


Subject to you being responsible for the Customer Content and following your report of the existence of a defect in a Product or a dissatisfaction of the quality of the Product delivered in each case within the time frame specified above we will at your option, redeliver a Product or refund the purchase price paid for such Product to you. For clarity, if you want to change the Customer Content or if you have made a spelling or other text mistake in the Customer Content we will not redeliver or refund the purchase price to you.

If we receive repeated requests from you to obtain refunds and have a reasonable basis for concern as to the potential misuse of our refund policy, we reserve the right to not accept additional orders from you and to further investigate the defect or issue before providing additional refunds.