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Caring for your wedding images as much as you do

About Wedprint Pro

Wedprint Pro was founded by Tom, a longstanding wedding photographer. Having experience within the industry Tom understands the need for couples to have high quality products available for every aspect of the wedding, and how much guests loved receiving pictures of the happy couple. As a photographer he understands the importance of pictures being displayed in high quality to showcase the images as they should be shown and also how important referrals from happy clients are to a successful business.





A template for designing your own wedding thank you cards

Our story

Wedprint Pro was born out of a passion for wedding photography and a belief that quality photographers should thrive. He realised that there was a gap in the market for truly exceptional, bespoke thank you cards, and that when his newlyweds recommended him, his business grew. Combining these two elements has led to a unique idea that benefits both newlyweds and photographers. By selling high quality thank you cards to couples, where they can upload their favourite pictures and design the cards as they want them, and printing them with the photographers details on the back, Wedprint Pro offers a truly unique service. Every guest at the wedding receives beautiful thank you cards, showcasing the photographers work and recommending the photographer.

Tom tested this idea with his own newlyweds and found that not only were the couples thrilled with the cards on offer, but his own referrals grew at no cost to him. This is a free marketing tool for photographers, and a much needed service for couples wanting exceptional quality thank you cards.

A template for designing your own wedding thank you cards
branding for photographer on thank you card

At Wedprint Pro we believe in high quality and exceptional service for all our customers, allowing photographers to recommend our thank you cards with confidence.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What next?

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