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How can you book more weddings for FREE? 6 top tips for Wedding Photographers
April 5, 2020 Tom Frost

How can you book more weddings for FREE? 6 top tips for Wedding Photographers

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How can you book more weddings for FREE? 6 top tips for wedding photographers

This little post is our core message. We are all about Wedding Photographers getting more wedding bookings, with good marketing and business skills, what we provide is a FREE tool, we print ‘Thank You’ cards for wedding photographers clients. The clients upload the images and do all the design work. All photographers do is just recommend using Wedprint Pro to couples. If you have not, spend 5 minutes and create your own branded cards HERE.

But this is not the only way! Here are a few other ideas. This is a brief overview of some great ideas, but there are many more. Follow us to keep posted on great business and marketing ideas for wedding photographers.

1. Submit your work!

Get sorted, take a deep breath, and submit some weddings! Take your work to where the brides are. There are so many blogs and magazines that you can submit your work to. You will need to pick the ones that are the best fit for your work and will provide the best return for your time. You will need to think about the geographical location of the magazine or the style and type of brides that the blog attracts.

2.  Kick ASS in Instagram

Get off your ass and hustle. Search city hashtags, people who just got engaged, cute couples, couples you know through mutual friends, and see if you can shoot some engagement photos for them. Search wedding dress shops in your area and find the brides who just recently found their dress. Slide into those DMs and introduce yourself. Be genuine and befriend them for real, inquiries will start coming. Don’t stress on the growth of your own follower count, focus on connecting directly with couples you want to photograph.

3. Love all the VENDORS!

Vendors don’t get the love they deserve. I always share images when other vendors ask, and have booked some weddings through their referrals. That’s what it’s all about. You should also collect every single business card at the wedding and tag them in your posts. Share the gallery with them, they will end up sharing your photos and marketing for you, but make sure the couple is happy with this. Create a referral program with them and add them as vendors to your site. It’s a two-way street. As you bring clients to them, they’ll bring them to you.


4. Get Referrals from Past Clients

When we talk about referrals, we’re really talking about two totally separate things: online reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals. Both are hugely important to a thriving small business, and we’ll start with online reviews. A product (or service) with very few reviews or very bad reviews will almost always be completely ignored, even if every single other aspect of the product or service is apparently perfect. If you’ve never shot a wedding before, positive reviews from portrait and event clients can still be an incredibly powerful tool to build confidence and trust in your brand.  Google Business page is a great place to host your reviews for free. However, getting reviews will take some effort on your part. Most couples will not go out of their way to leave a review for products they enjoy but will leave a review if you ask them to. Building this into your workflow is an incredibly important part of making sure that your past clients take the time to actually leave you a positive review.

5. Venues are KEY!

Pick one venue where you have done some of your best work and would want to shoot there again and again and make your contact a sample album. Not next month or “at some point” (whenever that is), but today. Seriously, just do it already. Take an hour and design it. Upload the order. Pull the trigger and get it done. Now is a great time. Print companies will be offering discounts on albums.  You can also connect to some new venues. In the UK you can search via the local county council for a list of the registered wedding venues. This will give you a great list of emails and numbers and contact names. I have done this before and it’s a great way of connecting with venues old and new. You can evening find venues that have not started hosting weddings yet, and be the first recommended wedding photographer! Boom!


6. Referrals, Referrals, Referrals.

At each wedding, you can have between 50-150 guests. If you shoot around 20 weddings a year that is around 3000 people that you will meet. 3000 that will see your work and the results of your work. A 3000 strong selling team for you. Who would not want that! According to Vogue, the best way to find your wedding photographer is through friends and family. In multiple wedding reports, it was always over 75% of couples found their wedding photographer via a referral from a friend or family member. That is how important this is!

The last and greatest tip would be to start using Wedprint Pro to print your couples ‘Thank You’ cards after the wedding. Or save the date cards. We include the photographer’s branding so that the 3000 strong selling team now all have your details at hand. Yes, it’s so simple and so very effective! You can register for free here…